Mastering Small Talk at Work

Who is this event for?

For people who don't know where to start when improving their small talk skills.

For those who want to understand the importance of small talk at work.

For anyone who wants to learn techniques to finding common ground with whoever you're speaking to.

We'll be talking about it all!

If you're interested, this event is for you.

Where is the event?

It'll be hosted on LinkedIn. We will email you the link once you save your spot.


Kim Kaupe| Founder of Bright Ideas Only, Keynote Speaker

In January 2020 at age 34, Kim Kaupe kicked off a tour with Oprah while juggling clients like Paul McCartney, The NY Mets, Ace Comic Con & Shawn Mendes.

In those 9 years she learned how to go from zero clients to Oprah, no one knowing who she was to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and not knowing what an LLC was to securing offers from 4 out of 5 sharks on Shark Tank.

Now, Kim is opening her playbook to show others exactly how she did it. That little voice that tells you that you’re made for something more…She's giving it a megaphone.

Kim work with executives & future leaders to harness their voice & image to expand their network. She dusts off the ordinary to reveal the extraordinary in her clients whose perceived value in the workplace does not match the actual value they bring to the table. By showing others how to showcase their strengths we’re building an army of leaders who are ready to take center stage.